Saturday, January 5, 2013

CM is a slap and feed

After another 15 minutes presentation in university related to Configuration Management, I was driving back to work and thinking... 
How to explain the core of CM to anyone in 2 minutes?... How to explain assets of CM to students and even teachers who think that VCS is only for large teams and code backup?... How to make developers believe, that CM is a God's will if it's limiting them from heaven?...
And then I got this funny idea - CM is like "slap and feed".

When we deny to test from local machine, we give controlled environment.
When we ask to commit every day, we give allow them to forget.
When we require scripts for deploy, we give fast and reliable environment setup.
When we force to use naming conventions, we give automated tools to allow not thinking about any conventions or process.
When we push quality gates, we give more environments.
When we make to write unit tests, we give belief in safe code.
When we turn inside out with analyses tools, we teach best practices.
When we implement CI, we allow to go after coffee.
When we set up pipelines, we say "Working software".
and lot more. 

Yeah, that's what we do - slap once and feed all the time.

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