Friday, November 29, 2013

DevCOps = Development + Configuration + Operations

My brainstorming in a middle of night at LinkedIn CM forums:
You may call me crazy, but in all this DevOps, CI, Agile, CD pipelines buzz I still see the same problems as in waterfall again and again. Indeed, I could be just too focused on CM and seeing issues where I shouldn't.

For in-house development DevOps is the way to go, nothing to add there - you script everything because you own everything. Things get a way harder when you need to deliver complex platform to client and you have no information about his environments. In best case you have some design documents but who reads those, right?

So the question is: how do you provide/ensure that your product will be configured appropriately at client site when you have no access? All you have are few documents which describes some environment specific values. What configuration approaches can you propose? And I want this in utopian agile style whilst client asks to document every smallest thing. Agile development for waterfall client.
Topic knowingly was made very open - to see people reaction and am I the only one who actually cares about configuration items in Agile/DevOps world. So for now I'll wait for some answers...

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